I was paralyzed by a distracted driver…

…but by God’s grace, I was still alive, and able to continue doing what I love—writing and performing music. My story was even shared on American Idol last season! The recovery of my independence and mobility was a slower process, but my wheelchair was invaluable in that part of the journey. Because of that, my parents and I decided to donate to Joni and Friends so they could give a container of wheelchairs to less fortunate people. And we did.

But the need is great. And I want to do more.

PLEASE DONATE and I will send you a pre-release copy of my book and CD for your participation in this campaign:

  • $50 - 1 CD or 1 Book

  • $100 - 1 Book and CD

What You Get


Lionheart - A story of love, forgiveness, and the power of music

Musician David Francisco tells the incredible true story that inspired each song of his debut album, Lionheart. Leaving a secure career behind, David moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of producing and performing music. Three weeks later, he was riding his bicycle when a distracted driver ran a red light and crashed into him. His back was broken, and he was told he would never walk again.

In those darkest days he trusted God and pressed forward with the heart of a Lion, determined to regain his life of music. On that journey, he forgave the driver and married the love of his life.

Lionheart is a true story of overcoming brokenness in all its forms.



Lionheart CD

Upbeat, pensive at times, but always melodic—Lionheart is a unique collection of songs that brings the listener on a journey of hope, love, and courage; setting it apart from every other album. While the songs were written during David’s very personal time of struggle, the themes are universal and speak to humankind.


About David Francisco

David forgives the driver who paralyzed him

David forgives the driver who paralyzed him

Growing up in a Christian family that embraced music, David Francisco picked up the guitar when he was a boy. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee, but decided to pursue his love of music full time. In 2016 he attended Blackbird Academy in Nashville, a music school run by John McBride. Two years after his accident, David made an international debut on American Idol. His audition video became one of the top 5 most-viewed auditions—watched over 50 million times. His story and the combined story of his wife had Katy Perry in tears. Lionel Richie called David “an inspiration to us all.” A related story of how David forgave the driver who paralyzed him went viral on USA Today and CBS News. He even appeared on the ELLEN show to talk about it.

David currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kristi. They love sharing their story to encourage and inspire others.