David Francisco - Overcomer

David Francisco - Overcomer


Mission Statement

Our mission is to share the stories of people who have faced and overcome significant and sudden life challenges so that others in similar situations will be inspired/supported to press on, and live as Overcomers.


An Overcomer is a person who lives life with determination and a hopeful outlook, despite whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

Our Core Beliefs

  • There may be no quick fix, but hope is strengthened in small victories.

  • Every small victory is worth celebrating.

  • Hearing stories of overcoming inspires others to do the same.

  • While we may be a "victim", our attitude should be that of a conqueror.

What We Do

  • Produce events and distribute books and music that tell the story of Overcomers and inspire hope.

501 (c)(3)

We are an approved 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Your donations allow us to produce events and share the stories of Overcomers to inspire those suffering in similar circumstances.

Help us inspire those going through struggles to press on and become Overcomers!


How we got started

Our story starts with the love of a father for his son. In 2014, David Francisco Platillero graduated from the University of Tennessee with an engineering degree. To celebrate, David’s dad, John, took him to where John grew up, in Spain, and they hiked a portion of the Camino de Santiago. On that journey, David decided that upon returning to America, he would pursue his true passion and calling, which was music. John and his mother Mitzi fully supported the move, and with their blessing, David moved to Nashville TN to study recording engineering.

3 weeks later, tragedy struck. David was riding his bicycle to school when a distracted driver ran a red light and t-boned him going over 30 mph. He was instantly paralyzed from the waist down. The next few months were the worst months of their life. The world of spinal cord injuries was confusing, daunting, and scary. They devoured any information they could find and looked for stories of other’s to give them hope and an idea of what was possible.

They discovered that it takes 3 key ingredients to emotionally make it through any traumatic experience: Time, Perspective and Faith. Celebrate Overcoming provides the perspective…the idea that others have been down your road. It may not look the same as the road you were on before, but you can make a new road.