David Francisco - Overcomer

David Francisco - Overcomer


Mission Statement

Our mission is to share the stories of people who have faced and overcome significant and sudden life challenges so that others in similar situations will be inspired/supported to press on, and live as Overcomers.


An Overcomer is a person who lives life with determination and a hopeful outlook, despite whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

Our Core Beliefs

  • There may be no quick fix, but hope is strengthened in small victories

  • Every small victory is worth celebrating

  • Hearing stories of overcoming inspires others to do the same

  • While we may be a "victim", our attitude should be that of a conqueror #notavictim

Our Priorities

  • Produce events that tell the story of Overcomers and inspire hope

  • Our website will provide location specific resources for health, community activities, and services available to individuals facing sudden life transitions.

  • A library of stories from overcomers in the beginning categories of physical injury, illness, or loss.

501 (c)(3)

We are an approved 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Your donations allow us to produce events sharing the stories of Overcomers, and to create an on-line network of resources for those suffering.

Help us inspire those going through struggles to press on and become Overcomers!